September 13, 2012

EN ROUTE | FNO Düsseldorf

Another day, another Vogue Fashion's Night Out! We took some nice pictures for those who couldn't be there (and of course also for those who drank too many free drinks and can't remember the details anymore).

Friday evening, 8pm and Düsseldorf's shopping streets were buzzing! We head for the most famous places to do some late night shopping in good company of music, drinks and goodie bags. We started at Peek&Cloppenburg, where we also got a glimpse of German Vogue editor-in-chief Christiane Arp. Afterwards we've been to Düsseldorf's luxury shopping street Königsallee (aka. "Kö"), to the shops Jades, Apropos and Loud.

And here are the pics!

wristband for the Vogue FNO shuttle

Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton

Cheers! Drinks at Dodo

Interiors at Dodo

Leo ladies at Kult-KÖ

Birds under the ceiling at Kult

Singer Giovanni Zarrella at Jades

Cuddly Jeremy Scotts  at Jades

MCM x Michalsky collaboration

Designer Thomas Rath at Jades

Concept store Apropos

T-Sirt at LOUD! Lifestylestore

LOUD! Lifestylestore

Qee at LOUD! Lifestylestore

 All in all even Gabriel, as a proud Berliner, had to admit it- Düsseldorf was a great FNO host! We had a lot of fun wandering around the city. The pro of Düsseldorf  that evening: it is not as spacious, so everything was within walking distance (definitely a pro for the high heeled ladies!). Plus, you met a lot of nice people and friends on your way. In the end we didn't use the FNO-shuttle and don't even regret it  - it was way more fun without it.

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