September 15, 2012

PEOPLE | FNO styles

Of course we also met a LOT of well-dressed people during the Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Berlin and Düsseldorf.

We think they even deserved a separate post!

So, last but not least, some fabulous FNO outfits:

Jonas - FNO Berlin

Gary (left) & friend - FNO Berlin

Chris - FNO Berlin

Natassja - FNO Düsseldorf

Neomi & Max - FNO Düsseldorf

And that's me on our way home :-)

leather jacket Acne
top Urban Outfitters
pants Topshop
boots sixtyseven


  1. Good pictures! Nikon D5100 like in header?

    I'm following via GFC


  2. Great post !

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  3. everyone'slooking amazing, and I am so loving ure look. Those topshop pants are fab

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